Ashwright published in On Spec

Founded in 1989, On Spec is Canada’s longest-running and most successful speculative fiction magazine, and it has a more eclectic taste for fiction compared to some American publications. That probably didn’t hurt for this particular story!

This is the first time a story of mine will come out in print, not counting the Acidic Fiction POD anthologies (because print-on-demand is its own special animal). But this story is one that’s close to my heart, and if I was to choose a first story to earn itself the print treatment, it would be this one.

Addendum, April 2023 — I’m salvaging old blog posts today, and although it’s now close to impossible to get your hands on print copies of this issue, you can nab an electronic one over at Weightless Books.

Pick up a copy of On Spec #107!

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