Peace and Quiet

Yep, there’s been too much of that here, I admit it.

But it’s been a busy year. I didn’t write as much as I might have liked, but I began work at SpaceX, sold a short story to On Spec Magazine, and have another story coming out — the first one I sold, in fact — in the very near future from Stupefying Stories, so all that is good news for me. I’ve even spent more time in role-playing games with my friends, which has been great fun. Christmas is behind, the New Year is ahead, and everything’s looking grand.

(Oh, and I got PSVR for my birthday, which is pretty much a childhood dream made reality. I’m finding this to be a pretty awesome time to be alive…)

There will be more to follow — I am beginning to bubble over with too many writing ideas, and want to pen or type some of them out, and so I’ll be back to writing and blogging again, hopefully very soon. But for today, this serves purely as notice that I am, in fact, not dead yet. But things will happen oh, so soon…

Wait for it, wait for it…

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