Reviving Older Posts

Recently, I imported a bunch of posts from my old blog–some of them are relevant, some of them aren’t. Some of them might be, but they’re just not anything I’m interested in actually republishing here. But I’m going through the process now of bringing them in, and copying in the media that went with them.

Some of the oldest posts I have, I haven’t found yet. They’re probably around here somewhere, and if I ever manage to dig them up again, then you’ll probably never notice, because they’ll get filtered down into the deepest depths of the Old Posts here. But if you don’t think it’s worth digging down to find an old post about weird text on Japanese snack foods–assuming, of course, I can ever find it myself–then frankly, we probably can’t be friends.

In the meantime, though, I’ll continue to pick the bones out of what I have found, and add it here. So you may see a few more things being spat out, as the days go by!

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