Crescent Cross, reprinted in The Dark Door

The town of Crescent Cross is a true slice of American heaven. The weather’s always perfect, and the people are a delight. You may just want to stay there forever.

The Dark Door magazine, from lo-fi hip-hop label Ill Advised Records, picked up and reprinted Crescent Cross, a Twilight-Zone style of horror story that was my first ever published work of fiction! It’s a true-blood zine, too, a horror-themed magazine filled with stories, creepy art, and–I am led to believe–creepy music too! And I love the look of what they’re doing with it, just check it out:

This style of black-and-white zine is something that I used to look upon with envy as a young writer, because it seemed like their day had come and gone, and that the chance to be included in one had likely slipped me by. But it turns out it was just waiting around the corner for me to catch up, and now it’s given Crescent Cross a second chance at life.

If this looks like the kind of thing you might have a hankering for, I’d love it if you’d go and check it out.

Crescent Cross was originally published by the now sadly defunct magazine, Acidic Fiction, and reprinted in their final best-of anthology, Toxic Tales.

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