Bot Friends

So, my wife was texting back and forth with her eldest daughter the other night, discussing her boyfriend, and the phone helpfully corrected it to “bot friend”, earning from her the exclamation “What the hell is a bot friend?”. Now, ignoring entirely for a moment the British implication of this (where “bot” is one of many short-hand words for “bottom”), it crossed my mind that when it comes to bot friends, many people might think of this:

But that personally, I’m far more likely to think of this:

Or, at a pinch, this:

At any rate, perhaps the idea of a “bot friend” isn’t quite so far-fetched after all. Though it’s notable that if your bot friend turns out to be this guy:

…then you may want to rethink your decision making process.

(P.S. — edited to add the image from Stray in 2023, a game that was very much not out in 2014.)

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