The Creep of Winter

So, winter is on its way!  Jingle bells, jingle bells!  The cold isn’t quite here yet, but once it’s here, you’ll see me grinning an awful lot.  There’s something about that crisp bite of winter that I’ve always loved.  I cope with the heat about as well as a bowl of ice-cream, but the winter and I are buddies.  We get along just fine.

However, it does bring with it a jar of wasps, which is that Winter-time is replete with festive foods, the same things that are responsible for Santa’s monumental waistline. Fortunately, we’re getting the hang of this lark, and we have a few good, healthy options lined up. The problem with that is that, at first, it can be a real pain to get this right — usually it’s because we find ourselves trying to substitute out something unhealthy, and replace it with some kind of Diet Equivalent version.

The Diet Equivalent version of almost anything is just wrong.

What’s great this time around is that, over the last year or two, we found some really good, really enjoyable healthy things that we love, and that aren’t substitutes for anything. We don’t make them often, so they’re still celebration foods–but instead of the more usual, celebrate your way to a bigger clothing size approach, this is the kind of celebration you can throw yourself into and enjoy guilt-free. I’m really looking forward to it! (I do love food, after all, hence my ginormosity.)

Alas, on other fronts, my shoulder/back is still out, so exercise is essentially buggered. However, it’s improving, so it’s only a matter of time now…I hope, anyway. In the meantime, light exercise is all I can do. Better than nothing, but frustrating all the same.

(And to finish with, writing this post reminded me of this song–it used to be one of the songs on the mix-tape that I listened to while I was strolling around my university campus on a chilly morning.)

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