About Robert
Robert's a British American writer, mostly writing speculative fiction of just about any walk. To pay the bills, he's a software engineer, having worked on things as varied as application software for a space-rocket factory, accounting, real estate transfer, public transit route mapping, cricket, darts, and a London-based swinger's club.

It's a weird job sometimes, but even the boring-sounding things are a lot of fun.

Quite often he thinks his life is pretty boring too, but then he remembers the fact that a smuggler used to come around to the family home sometimes when he was a kid--everyone thinks their life is boring sometimes. Usually it's not, it's just you've gotten so used to all the strange and unusual things that are happening in it that you've forgotten that they're strange and unusual. That being said, he's still pretty sure his life isn't more interesting than the things you'll find in his stories, so you'd probably be better off scooting over to the Fiction section and giving one them a read, rather than sticking around here.

About This Website
Robert built this website himself, largely because he has no common sense. He figured he could add anything he wanted to it that way, but in practical, real, honest terms, there isn't anything specific he ended up deciding to add, so it ended up being a lot more work for not much point. Also, he can only blame himself for anything that's wrong with it, which is really annoying.