Welcome to my Writer's Website

It's taken a while, but it's here at last! It was likely a mistake to try and do all of this myself, but it's certainly not the first or last one I'm going to make here.

I'm still not finished with the layouts (something mobile users will notice faster than everyone else). And in case it isn't immediately obvious, that top bar is really meant to be temporary--but it's just going to have to serve for now. And I'm writing this whole thing using old code that I don't even use professionally any more, so...yeah, it's a lark and a half. I hope you at least find something here that you can enjoy!
A Selection of Fiction

My short story 'Crescent Cross' is now available to buy in either physical or digital format at The Dark Door Issue 3. It's a neat looking thing, and I hope you'll give it a look.

My fantasy short story, 'Ashwright', is available as episode 680 at PodCastle. You'll be able to read and listen along to the wonderful narration of the story by Wilson Fowlie, who I think adds an extra layer of emotion to the telling. 'Ashwright' is also still available in its original publication, with electronic copies of On Spec Magazine #107 available to buy at Weightless Books.
About Me

While I'm not writing fantasy, horror, or sci-fi stories, I make my living as a software engineer. I love cats, and we currently have a pair of siblings in our household -- Teddy Logan is the junior member, while Mochi Luna holds seniority. And naturally, we hardly call either of them by their actual names most of the time.

I can't play the ukulele, but I try. I can play the recorder, but people tell me not to. And I can play the flute, which has been known to make the cats happy at times. I may also be over-fond of cheese.

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